Catalysts of Strength: Unveiling the Mechanical and Tribological Mastery of Al-2024 MMC with Fly ash/TiB2/SiC Reinforcements

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Engineering, Beni-Suef Universiy


The current work investigates the mechanical and tribological characteristics of a hybrid aluminum matrix composite. Aluminum AL-2024 alloy was used as the base material, it was reinforced by fly ash, SiC, and TiB2 particles with varied weight percentages. The composition of the Al 2024 alloy emphasizes its applicability for applications needing high strength-to-weight ratios and fatigue resistance, including aircraft components. Stir casting was used in the manufacturing process to ensure that the reinforcements were evenly distributed throughout the molten mixture. Tensile testing indicates considerable increases in ultimate tensile strength using SiC, fly ash, and TiB2, demonstrating the efficacy of the reinforcing technique. With respect to microhardness rating, rises are apparent at higher TiB2 concentration levels, expressing the greater extent of mechanical performance. The wear of composites was evaluated using a pin-on-disk tribometer. TiB2 has such a significant effect on lowering wear rates. The obtained results, which attribute the reinforcement content effect on the mechanical and tribological properties, help to design composites in application areas where high performance is significantly required.


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