Peer Review Process

At submission:

The editorial board will check the following:

  • Originality and rigorousness of the scientific research
  • Importance to the field
  • Conclude interest to an interdisciplinary readership
  • Commitment to authors’ formatting guide announced and ensure the level, length and format (particularly the layout of figures and tables and any Supplementary Information).
  • After the first stage the editors will make the decision to whether send the manuscript for peer-review or return it to the author with comments.

After submission:

  • Once the decision has been made to peer-review the paper, the choice of referees is made by the editor who has been assigned the manuscript, who will be handling other papers in the same field, in consultation with editors handling submissions in related fields when necessary
  • Most papers will be sent to two or three referees, but some will be sent to more or, occasionally, just to one
  • Receiving referees report
  • Prepare decision letter

After acceptance:

  • Review the format and length of accepted papers
  • Send proofs and reprint to authors
  • Copyright forms signed by the authors to grant Beni-Suef University all rights and permission to reproduce, distribute, publicly display, and publicly perform their work in electronic and/or printed format.
  • Publication and media